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Monday, January 23, 2012

5 weeks but so much going on in there!

Haihhh sepanjang tempoh nak menyampaikan ke 5 minggu ni mcm2 hal jdk.. tak cukup jantung dah sbb worry campur nebes!. Mana tak nya.. baru je last week ingat dah tak nak obsess pk pasal 8 weeks nanti.. ada heartbeat ke tak?..  tetiba on last friday.. ada spotting plak.. jumpa doktor plak dia takleh wat apa sbb still too early to check.. dia suruh rehat je bnyk2.. siap dapat MC tulis threatened abortion.. tapi tak MC pun that day.. dah pukul 3 dah time tu.. rugi MC nye cuti je.. Dan weekend tu punya plan nk balik terengganu cancel sbb doc tak advise pg mana2.. mlm tu plak tak de nye rehat jugak.. Send my family to KLIA.. and along the way bgtaula my mom and she said, haha dia dulu siap kuar darah lagi bnyk dari I ok je,,.. still selamat.. just don't worry too much.. kalau dah dijanjikan anak tu milik kita InsyaAllah ada la rezekinya.. 

Haha but I guess still rasa takut2 tu ada.. but my mom pun ada rahim yg tak kuat.. genetic la nih hehe.. but she doesn't worry too much and let the fear stop her from doing anything that she wants.. That's cool I guess!.. To know that your mom can be that strong..

Tgh2 nak jadi strong tu smlm plak.. sakit perut dari pinggang sampai ke bawah.. the whole night sakit.. rasa mcm nak tercabut pinggang.. tapi takleh sapu minyak angin kat perut.. mengikut petuanya la kan.. takut baby tak tahan panas... Me?.. mmg tak berani la kan?.. better be safe than sorry.. But I tak bleeding or anything yg teruk.. semua normal.. suhu semua ok.. cuma sakit perut tu sgt teruk sampai mcm rasa nak period.. And esoknya jumpa doktor again and dia pun quite worry la kan.. sbb tak pnah plak berlaku mcm tu.. so dia ckp still takleh gak buat ultrasound or anything sbb takkn nmpk.. and dia suruh je buat pregnancy test again.. buat masa ni dia ckp don't worry lagi.. even though cara dia cakap tu tak promising langsung..

 lepas test Tadaa

Wee~~ masih sticky bean. Line still dark and clear
So doktor kata there's nothing to worry about.. When I asked about ectopic pregnancy. Doktor kataectopic pregnancy tu akan ada sakit perut yg makin sakit makin sakit sepanjang masa.. kalau tgk case awak ni I doubt it very much la.. lagipun ectopic ble dikesan dari awal... (Muka shining2!) Ye ke doktor?.. terus gembira... wah takutnya saya.. Dear my son/daughter..please don't make mummy worry again, ok?.. tak larat dah nak tunggu awak 8 weeks to see your heartbeat.. InsyaAllah.

Monday, January 16, 2012

When Early Sign is detected too early?

Long long time since I wrote anything to this blog.. Life takde yg fascinating lagi dah.. semua nye sama je lepas kawin.. nothing to share.. But bebaru ni I received a good news.. Yes I'm Pregnant! So so so excited!.. The joy is written on all over my face.. :)

How's that happened?..
Long story but cut it into short..We have been trying for 6 months.. but I rather be a confirmed staff first.. before we have a baby.. because if I were unemployed (if they fired me as the probation staff) the budget might be unstable for us. So Alhamdulillah i think in the middle of December, I received the letter from HR saying that I am confirmed staff already.. Then I guess me and my husband have to make an effort to conceive. because it is know as easy as I think it would be. And because I always overlooked my ovulation date.. Furthermore I did not took biology, making me super not so knowledgeable on this bio, dna thingy.

So my friend has been successfully conceived.. I am happy for her.. she has been trying one of this technique for 3 cycle.. checking your body basal temperature to know your ovulation day so that the higher chances you can conceived.( This is the link if you guys would like to try.) Then I said why not I give it a shot. So I started from buying the thermometer from the watson.. Cheap2 one still ok what?.. So you have to take your temperature early in the morning when you wake up.. But they are rules.. 
1) You cannot get up from the bed as it will be taking inaccurate temperature for your body.
2) you have to take the temperature at the range of the first temperature that your took.. For example, if I took my temperature at 6.30am the first time.. My range of time for next taking temperature should be in 30 minutes before 6.30am or 30 minutes later than that. Means from 6.00am -7.00 am..

So the first time I do it.. I wake up, walk, drink and went to the bathroom. So now I know that the temperature for that day is wrong haha.. So then I watched closely for the ovulation day to come.. and after that my temperature is evelated.. so I think I might have a chance to be pregnant.. And after checking using a very accurate pregnancy test.. and alhamdulillah.. it turned out positive

See too early. baru 1-2 weeks.. very the tak sabar..But I'm still very2 worried because it is still fragile.. For now I am only 1 month pregnant.. Went to the doctor and they have gave me asid folic for a month... and then I have to come back on the  week 8 to check the heartbeat of the baby. But I don't know la why I get the doctor that need to scare me so much. He said.. oh we will check the heartbeat on week 8.. but let see if we can see the heartbeat.. If not they are chances that the baby is not developing.. I was likee.. should you tell me the good news like this. can you use more decent sentence. But whatever I choose to stay positive.. Furthermore if it is rezeki from Allah, InsyaAllah tak ke mana.. Berdoa je bnyk2.

The sign of pregnancy before I know I'm pregnant
1) I caught a flu.. Most pregnant woman I guess will have fever or flu first because the immune system will shut down.
2) My body temperature is high. turun naik but maintain at high temperature
3) Felt tired... I was like sleeping after back from work and sleep back at 10-11pm at night everyday

I guess that's it.. And of course missed your period. 

And of course I have to wait for week 8 to see the heartbeat.. Can't wait.. And hopefully selamat semuanya until 9 months.... Doa2kanla ye