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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

busy week

Today I had finished my writing.. It was amazing. I've had four months to finished it but I still have to sent it to my supervisor so that he can check on it. Because I do it in just like two weeks so I'm thinking there must be something wrong on it haha.. well just wait and see..

This week is supposed to be the relaxing week.. But I'm tired due to lots of committees work but I do enjoy every moment working here.. that is the greatest thing about doing something you really love.. is that you enjoy every moment in it.

Sometimes I go through bumpy road but this is the road that I had chosen and I'm going to get myself to go through it.. Next week I have the teaching and learning course.. something like pedagogi.. Every lecturer must take this course to teach.. so much to do with so little time..

I have to visit my student who have taking industrial training.. I hate it because the area is a busy area..ampang and cheras.. ble tak rasa takut nak g visit sbb mcm aku plak yg nak g interview kat company tu.. padahal takde kaitan pun.. Haha still remember time nak dpt kerja.. I went to lots of places for interview.. really not an easy thing for me.. the first time interview mmg rasa takyah pergi la.. biarla forever takde kerja haha but luckily i went for every interview and i really gain experience from each of the company that I go. huhu